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On Friday, January 20, 2023, almost 3,000 surveys were mailed out to Rush Residents, seeking your input in shaping the future of our Town.

You will soon receive (or may have already received) a four-page survey, plus an addressed return envelope. The Rush Comprehensive Plan Update Committee asks for your important input to provide a long-range vision for Rush’s future.

Alternatively, you can choose to complete and submit the survey electronically. To do so, please go to and enter the Survey ID number* provided on the top right corner of the first page of the paper survey you received in the mail.  

*   Please note that the survey is anonymous. The Survey ID# was added by the printer and neither the Town nor the consultant can trace it back to your name or address.

If you do not receive a copy of the survey in the mail by Wednesday, January 25th please contact the Town Clerk’s office [(585) 533-1312] and one will be sent to you.

One survey per adult (18+) Rush resident, please!