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Janice Smith

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The Finance Department has been restructured in order to upgrqade our accounting software and improve our supports to department heads and employees.  Staff are both in-house and outsourced to EFPR Group, an accounting service that provides payroll and general ledger for the municipalities.  The director works directly with the Town Supervisor/ to develop and implement the annual Town Budget that is approved by the Town Board.  Policies and procedures are set by NYS Town Law, the NYS Comptroller's Office, and our local board approved employee handbok of policies and procedures.  

Responsibilities include: 

  • Accounting for the Town's eleven funds and two account groups according to the New York State Uniform Systems of Accounts, including all monthly, quarterly, and annual reports;
  • Payroll processing for biweekly and quarterly payrolls for all full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees, including all related federal and state related reports, New York State Retirement System reports, deductions to various agencies, and excused time reports;
  • Timely processing and payment for authorized expenditures for all departments of the Town;
  • Maintaining the inventory of town assets and equipment.
  • Banking, including deposit of the Town's receipts, investment of monies, interest allocation to the various funds and bank reconciliation;
  • Adhering to the Town's procurement policies for purchases, and NYS Comptroller's guidance on best practices for efficient and effective financial management of town expenditures.

Human Resources.  The responsibilities for human resources is shared between the Town Clerk's Office and The Finance Office.  The Finance Office is responsible for: 

  •  Personnel records dealing with retirement system payroll, flexible spending administration, and other financial related matters. 
  • Arranges for state required safety and anti-harassment training for all employees; and updates to meet annual insurance requirements. 
  • Works with the town's liability insurance and health care providers.