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Steering Committee Members

John Morelli, Coordinator
Robert Kraus, Recorder
Carl Ast
Joan Dupont
Jim Kolb
Julia Lederman
Susan Mee
Janet Ragaisis
Marianne Rizzo
Don Sweet
Dan Woolaver

Town Board Liaison: Dan Chase

  (585) 533-1312
  (585) 533-9346
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  5977 East Henrietta Road, Rush NY 14543

Meeting Recordings
Meeting Recording July 12, 2021
Meeting Recording June 7, 2021
Meeting Recording May 3, 2021 
Meeting Recording April 12, 2021
Meeting Recording September 13, 2021
Meeting Recording October 11, 2021 
Meeting Recording November 8, 2021
Meeting Recording December 13, 2021
Meeting Recording January 10, 2022
Meeting Recording February 2, 2022
Meeting Recording February 16, 2022 
Meeting Recording March 2, 2022
Meeting Recording April 14, 2022 
Meeting Recording June 1, 2022
Meeting Recording July 6, 2022 

Meeting Recording March 1, 2023


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folder NEW LINK Rush Comprehensive Plan Website 

Comprehensive Plan Update Events 
Energy and Infrastructure Workshop Sept. 21 7 PM  Town Hall and Zoom
Learn about ways the Town can reduce costs for energy and options for renewable energy at Town facilities
Update on the Town’s efforts to expand public water service to additional areas
Discuss need for improved broadband and cellular service
For More Information and Zoom Link

Prior Workshop Recordings: 
August 17 Hamlet of Rush Workshop Recording

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folder Meeting Minutes and Notes
folder Historical Reports 
pdf 2017 Rush Hamlet Charrette Report folder

  pdf August 2021 Comprehensive Plan Survey Results

pdf Letter to Rush Citizens Comprehensive Plan Update Committee

pdf Comp Plan Update RFP Overview Presentation 1 26 2022