Officials & Boards

The Town of Rush is governed by a Town Board, made up of four Councilpersons and a Supervisor, all of whom are elected by registered voters of the town.

Other elected officials in the town are: Town Clerk, Town Justices, and Highway Superintendent. These officials act independent of the Town Board and should be contacted directly with questions and concerns.

The Town Supervisor, who is the chief administrative officer of the town government, presides at Town Board meetings and oversees the office of finance and budget within the town. In the role of chief administrative officer, the Supervisor is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the town hall and its facilities. On occasion, the Supervisor may appoint committees to aid the Board in the discharge of its duties.

The Town Board has the power to appoint officers, commissions, boards and other personnel necessary to carry out the business of the town. It adopts ordinances and local laws to protect public health, safety and welfare, thereby providing consistent and comprehensive policy for enforcement and penalties.

In addition, the Board approves appointments to Boards such as Planning and Zoning  and determines the Town's operating budget as stewards of the taxes collected each year. The Town Supervisor appoints and oversees the Building Department building (inspector and code enforcement officer). 

A majority of the Town Board must be present to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Each member of the Board has one vote; each vote cast is recorded in the official minutes of a Town Board meeting. The majority of the Board must vote in support of any motion or legislation for its adoption.

All local leaders live within the Town of Rush, which ensures responsive leadership.